Factory / Industrial – Fanless Mini PC



Fanless Mini PC

The fanless design and efficient internal thermal dissipation solution, makes it dust-proof, noise-proof and durable even running under adverse conditions.

All ArkPC computers equipped with Solid State Drives offering an average of 20 times gain in speed compared to pc’s equipped with standard drives.

It supports Linux, Android and Windows OS and can be widely used for Business and Office environments.
Low power consumption – Only 15W

Business / Office – Super fast Mini PC



Fanless Mini PC

Suitable for any type of business that does the following operations on daily basis.

Office work
Microsoft Office, Skype, Data entry, and all other office requirements supported.

Design work
Photoshop, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, Ilustrator, Flash, InDesign, Accounting software, Autocad,  and others.


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ArkPC supports a variety of Operating Systems


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