Linux Desktop Pc, Workstation and Linux Server

We Bring one of the best Hardware builds for main Linux distributions.
Looking to buy your next Quality Linux Desktop PC? We’ve got you covered!
Get today your quality Linux Desktop PC, Workstation or Linux Server.

Buy a Linux Desktop PC suitable to your needs.

Build Linux Desktop PC or Workstations and Linux Servers.

We build Linux Pc or Workstation and Linux Server. Looking for your next Linux Quality Desktop PC? We’ve got you covered. 2 Year Warranty on all boxes.

Why Linux OS?

Linux is a reliable Operating System, offering out of the box quality free software for personal or business use.


ARKPC Linux desktop computers have been designed and tested with the Ubuntu, Mint and CentOS. This offers end-user, peace of mind that the system purchased is compatible with Linux Ubuntu, Linux Mint and CentOS operating.

Part Brands used to build ArkPC Linux Desktop PC systems

ANTEC (PC Case), ANTEC (Power Supply), GIGABYTE (MotherBoard), AMD (Cpu), KINGSTON(Memory), NVIDIA (Graphics), SAMSUNG and WD (SSD), WD (HDD), LOGITECH (Keyboard and Mouse), AOC and LG (Monitors)

In conclusion, All systems are covered by 2 Year Warranty (Return to Base) as a result everyone can have peace of mind.