Linux OS Bootable USB 16Gb

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Linux will undoubtedly emerge as the winner when all aspects are considered. There is no reason why you would not choose Linux.
Grab your Linux OS Bootable USB today.

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The total cost of ownership

Linux is free whereas Windows is not. Not only the OS but related applications are completely free and open source. This is why you should get the Linux OS Bootable USB, and start Linux experience Today.

Beginner friendly, easy to use

Various Linux distros allow the user to choose one of the various desktop environments available: Cinnamon, MATE, KDE, Xfce, LXDE, GNOME etc.


Linux is more reliable when compared to Windows. Linux will rock with its top-notch design, built-in security resulting in un-parallel up-time.


The Linux OS armed with easy to use package managers which aid in installing and un-installing desired software applications. Linux is armed with decent desktop themes certainly run faster than Windows.


Linux is almost non-vulnerable and more secure due to its inherent design. Linux does not require the use of commercial anti-virus/anti-malware packages. Linux respects privacy. Linux OS Bootable USB makes this possible.

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