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Solved: Live Linux USB freeze the laptop on boot

Boot from Live USB in safe mode (graphical), the device should not freeze, allowing you to install Linux OS without problems.

After installation, remove the USB and reboot the device.

On boot press ESC, and when you are presented with the GRUB menu, press “e”

On the line where you see “quiet splash” add the following “i915.enable_psr=0
The line should be like: quiet splash i915.enable_psr=0

Press CTRL + X to save and reboot.

After reboot, log in to the OS and in the terminal update GRUB

Edit /etc/default/grub, and find the line where you see “quiet splash” add the following “i915.enable_psr=0

Update grub, Open Terminal, and run sudo update-grub

That’s all, you should be good to go.

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Solved – How to boot from Bootable USB

Insert the USB boot media into USB slot (Preferable One of the Back USB ports).
Power On your PC and press repeatedly F12 until boot manager appears on the screen.

ArkPC hardware is based on Gigabyte motherboards and boot manager option key is F12.

Booting from a bootable USB depends on motherboard manufacturer. Some manufacturers have different Key combinations for Boot Manager Option, you can try: TAB, ESC, F10, F12

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Solved – How to burn ISO to USB

Download Rufus from the following link :

What do you need:

1 You need an 8GB USB drive or larger. (USB Drive)
2 Rufus Application (ISO to USB )
3 ISO file you require to create the Bootable USB

Create bootable USB drive from ISO

1 Open Rufus application.
2 Select as Device your USB drive.
3 Select ISO file you want to create bootable USB from.
4 Leave the rest of the Settings as Default,
5 Click Start and wait until Copy process ends.
6 Click Close, Now you have a bootable USB drive

rufus iso to usb